Elvis Presley’s Ex Girlfriend Linda Thompson Releases Lisa Marie Presley Snaps

Elvis Presley’s Ex Girlfriend Linda Thompson Releases Lisa Marie Presley Snaps

“He was handsomer than he appeared in films, younger and more vulnerable looking with his GI haircut.” While Elvis took the news hard, Priscilla insisted there was no ill will between them in the years after their divorce, all the way up until his untimely death in 1977. “Elvis and I still hugged each other, still had love,” she recalled to PEOPLE in 1978.

Elvis was a doting, loving father, Priscilla told Closer, but he didn’t change diapers—”That wasn’t a man’s job”—and had a hard time watching the baby eat, due to the inevitable drool. He did, however, buy Lisa Marie a fur coat when she was 3 and hand out $5 for lost baby teeth. When he bought his own jet in 1975, he christened it the “Lisa Marie.” “It was the people closest to us, and private, and that’s how we wanted it. We didn’t want a fan club. We didn’t want a circus.” Priscilla could live with his father and stepmother, Elvis told Paul.

He was allegedly unrelenting and, in the space of a few seconds, “The Kiss” was born. Incidentally, the iconic photograph that it’s been compared to, “V-J Day in Times Square,” is arguably another example of a non-consensual kissthat’s been historically misinterpreted. Presley wanted to continue seeing Gray, but she had a boyfriend at the time and called things off. He may have been the most handsome heartthrob of the ’50s, but all was not as it seemed for this famed hound dog. As a number of his former paramours have dished, Elvis wasn’t necessarily rocking their worlds in a manner expected from The King of Rock ‘n Roll. Prepare to be shook with the lowdown on Elvis Presley’s relationship history.

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Lisa Marie Presley, the only daughter of Elvis Presley, has died, her mother announced. In December 1968, he dressed in black leather and made an hour-long television special titled “Elvis.” Calm, sexy, and humorous, he wowed the crowd. In July 1969, Parker booked Presley at the largest venue in Las Vegas, the new International Hotel. His shows were huge successes and the hotel booked Presley for four weeks a year through 1974. Gladys Presley doted on her sandy-haired, blue-eyed son and worked hard to keep her family together.

As reported by the Daily Record, this was because Presley insisted his young lover break up with Bogdanovich, something she refused to do. Shepherd also grew tired of his so-called “brat-boy humor” and reliance on drugs. “I don’t know whether he was heartbroken or not when I left, and that bothers me,” she reflected. He started a fling with up-and-coming star Cybill Shepherd, who had recently given a breakout performance in “The Last Picture Show,” directed by her boyfriend, the late Peter Bogdanovich. Per theDaily Record, Presley was struck by the beauty of Shepherd, then aged 22, after watching the aforementioned flick.

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She immediately captured the star’s attention, even when she admitted she was a ninth-grader. He played several songs to impress her, including “Are You Lonesome Tonight?” But when she left that night, she assumed the evening wasn’t going to be repeated. “I was in absolute shock because you don’t see Elvis Presley every day driving down your street let alone knowing that he’s coming http://hookupgenius.com/ to pick you up for your date,” she told Elvis Information Net of their first date. When she met The King, Miller was concerned by his self-styled Memphis Mafia being present, interrogating her at length before their date. “After about an hour … a few of the guys walked out of the room … to get Elvis and probably said to him, ‘She’s OK you can meet her,'” she revealed.

Apparently, the attempt to impress his parents was foiled after Natalie found Elvis’ close relationship with Gladys troubling. Elvis assured Priscilla’s father that his parents would take good care of her and that she would get a good education at the Catholic parochial school. “March 22 – Elvis was released from duties after Hal Wallis had seen and approved the film. Elvis left for Memphis right away, because Priscilla was there waiting for him.” “. Elvispresleypedia.com.

June 26, 1979: Priscilla takes control of Elvis’ estate upon Vernon’s death.

Being seen at cinemas, hamburger joints as well as riding on Elvis’ Harley Davidson. Natalie later recalled that once when they returned to Elvis home at Audubon Drive after a ride they couldn’t get up the driveway because of the crowd of fans. After Elvis promised to sign autographs for them if they let him up to the house. Finally when they did get into the house Natalie though that Elvis would shirk his word.

The King’s romances were a huge part of his life and identity, so away we go. That all changed with the 1971 film “Carnal Knowledge,” starring Jack Nicholson and directed by Mike Nichols. And two years after his divorce from Priscilla, Elvis, who was now close to turning 40, went after another 14-year-old girl – Reeca Smith. One of those girls was Frances Forbes, who claims that Elvis didn’t notice her until she was 14.

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But, she learned a lot through those times and maintained a friendship with her first husband that lasted until Presley’s unexpected death at age 54 in 2023. (Marksman / MEGA)Harper and Finley’s latest outing with their dad comes over two months after Lisa Marie unexpectedly passed away at the age of 54 after she went into cardiac arrest. The daughter of the late Elvis Presley was married to Michael for 15 years before they split in 2021. She also left behind her oldest daughter, Riley Keough, 33, whom she had with ex-husband Danny Keough. The former couple also shared son Benjamin Keough, who died by suicide at the age of 27 in 2020. In an interview, Nash has stated, “Suzanne Finstad helped me see that Priscilla’s story of being the virgin bride just doesn’t hold up under scrutiny.”

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When he found out about her affair, he wanted to hire a hitman to kill her partner but was convinced not to. Priscilla discovered that Elvis was reluctant to sleep with her after she’d gone through childbirth. But Priscilla was no longer willing to simply wait for him to come home. Their wedding night was the first time the couple went “all the way.” Priscilla also got pregnant right away, which made Elvis worry about how fatherhood would affect his career. When Priscilla was seven months pregnant, he asked for a trial separation, though they were only apart for a short time. Daughter Lisa Marie was born on February 1, 1968 — nine months after her parents’ wedding.

After her affair with Mike Stone and their subsequent breakup a few months later, Priscilla and Elvis Presley rarely saw each other. According to her autobiography, “Elvis and Me,”they still chatted over the phone, but they knew the relationship was over. He had started dating a new woman, Linda Thompson, by the time the divorce proceedings began at the end of the year. He was incredibly emotional during the divorce hearing, and Priscilla Presley comforted her husband throughout the ordeal.