Dating In Your 50s Easy For Men Not So Much For Women!

Dating In Your 50s Easy For Men Not So Much For Women!

So go back out to the bars and start chatting to the gal standing next to you that you are assuming is in her 30’s, you might be surprised to find out she’s closer to your age. The current guy I’m dating in person. Not sure where we’ll end up in 6 more months, just trying to enjoy his company and not think of the future. Nothing I ever planned ever worked out anyway, so I don’t “plan” much anymore, just trying to enjoy life one week at a time. Tim….at age 52 I can feel your pain. I am not a bar fly, and the dating sites are a joke.

Please be realistic if you really have someone woman at 50s 60s love you care of you . I don’t know if Peter is serious or not, but he is correct. I’m 55, super fit and good looking and I have no problem meeting and dating much younger women. I’m not a multi millionaire , but i have met extremely nice, educated, stable young women who want to have a real relationship and age is not problem. I just truly believe that sex is what bonds two people together and differentiates between a friendship and a real marriage. Its just a fact that women over 50 are not that interested in sex, as a rule.

Tips to Write Your Dating Profile as a Senior

There’s good and not so good in all of us. Some choose to be honest, and some choose to play games. Often the honest get hurt, but that’s the chance you take. You were very kind to everyone in your post. That’s a great quality in a person.

Woman Over 50 Dating Profile Examples (With Tips)

Keep an open mind and see where it takes you. Women in their 50’s are more picky then ever. This is just slamming a dick when you have the chance. However, women tell me I am too short. But women in their 50’s are selfish brats.

Even though I believe that marriage is a sacred commitment, a true testament to how a couple feels about each other, I don’t believe that many people are cut out for it anymore these days. I’d be happy with a faithful and devoted partner without the paperwork. It might mean less pain for me in the long run, even though I enjoyed marriage when I had it, hard work and all. The Truth Teller… is sad that we women can’t find decent men because the lot of us are judged as you have described. I work to support myself so I am not looking for money. I am looking for a kind, loving partner.

I hope you find what you are looking for. I would never go out with an old woman again, they are to sexist. Thank you, I really like your point about the statistics. I went online tonight looking for articles to give tips and ways to make the best of my situation.

Being able to date younger women makes some men feel desired and still in the game. Just my opinion based on countless articles I’ve read and people I know and talk to. A surprising number of them don’t seem to understand the concept of ‘partnership’ in a relationship. Many have unrealistic expectations of what we should do for them…especially every birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, anniversary.

People’s expectations are too high and too selfish, and being too nice actually scares men off, I have found. Women in this age bracket have it great. If they are single it is their own fault. There are many more men in their 50’s than women, as women are more likely to smoke and engage in unhealthy lifestyles. Ladies, if you want men, stop smoking, diet, and get in shape. This is a current issue for me, male, separated and 50.

I can’t play the games they want to play. And I am getting tired of sticking my neck out to be nice and approachable just to be rejected. I thought men wanted respect and a little help to make a connection. They won’t take the gift I offer of my caring and devotion.

You ignored good men for the “bad boy”.Or someone you could “fix”. So now you want someone to clean up the mess. The legal system is skewed in your favor so don’t expect men to do this again. We will keep what we have thank you and outside of sex, you really don’t offer us a hell of a lot when it comes to companionship. I have the stamina and grounding to make it for the long haul, but that doesn’t seem to be important or appreciated. It really is hard to think of trusting again, but I have faith that I may just find one of you good guys some day.

Yet in any column on how to write those profiles, the advice will say to clearly state what you have to offer, rather than what you are seeking or demanding. I can say that for me, the prospect of dating isn’t any better or easier now, then when I was in my 20’s. I don’t make nearly enough money, I never went to college or university, and will never afford my own home, in my lifetime. I have read many dating profiles, of women my age, and noticed they have a few things in common. Most women in the dating pool,my age, with, or without kids, have a good career, are educated, with at least one degree, and have their own home. All of these women want a man who is at least equal in these categories.

We are not in grammar school anymore. The TL;DR version is that fifty-something women who are fit and have taken care of their skin have no problem attracting men of all ages. Because they still exhibit good breeding fitness, even though many have gone through or are going through menopause. The same can be said about taller than average (according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the average American man is 5’9″) men who are fit and exit signs of high testosterone .