Top 12 Best Jira Test Management Tools 2022

Test Data – Any data that is required for the test step to be performed. When your test case is ready, you can execute it by opening a menu in the top-right corner and selecting Execute. Alternatively, you can also install it through the Atlassian Marketplace.

test management tools for jira

Figure 6 shows an example of how one tool like PractiTest can link together the key components of a lifecycle from requirements to issue reports. When considering the test tooling aspect of software testing, it is imperative to ensure that the tools being used can integrate with minimal external effort. Every external manual effort, such as manual exports to spreadsheets, is another burden to your testing workflow.

Key Features of the Best Test Management Tools For Jira

The principle is that tools should be used as designed, not discovered. The idea is that when using a tool, you may learn you can do some other things with the tool that are not typically within the main features or objectives of the tool. For example, you may be able to use a capture/playback or other test automation tool as a rudimentary test data generation tool. But, test data generation tools are more robust and can do more things than a test automation tool.

  • You might run a test case in one cycle and pass it.
  • Testmo is the only unified test management tool allowing you to use Jira Cloud’s native New Issue dialog; with full support for custom fields, add-ons and customizations.
  • I take a guess and click “save » to find out if we’re right….
  • Test management tools are used to store information on how testing is to be done, plan testing activities, and report the status of quality assurance activities.
  • An advanced feature only usually available in high end test case management tools.
  • Thing is this soon becomes restrictive if you have large numbers of records to deal with.

When you do drill down into a Plan you’ll find you can add Tests or Sets to your plan. Once you’ve added them you can kick off an execution. 1 and 2 are the more common ways to structure your projects.

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Atlassian created Jira software to monitor defects, issues, and other software and mobile applications problems. It has since grown into an adaptable powerhouse for many software development teams with planning, organizing, and reporting features. However, the creators of Jira never intended teams to use Jira for Test Case Management. Hence, this is one feature completely missing from Jira.

If you need power reporting then you could explore the Jira plugin EasyBI. This popular reporting tool for Jira has support for XRay. EasyBI is likely to deliver everything you’re ever likely to need on the reporting front.

test management tools for jira

Kualitee allows you to create powerful traceability reports, metrics, defect tracking functionality, and smart reports module. You can also take snapshots of Test Cases within a story or test plan. I don’t want to sound cheesy, but teamwork really does make the dream work. Developers and QA engineers need to communicate efficiently within one ecosystem of project management software. And, while Jira is not a perfect tool for test management by default, there are always options for making everyone’s life a bit better on the Atlassian Marketplace.

Test cases can also be arranged into test cycles. This allows you to prepare a test plan, easily view the progress of the testing in the given cycle, as well as repeat the whole testing cycle again. This will bring you to the screen that displays issue types in two columns.

Integrating into your CI/CD Pipeline with REST API

As a global innovator, EIS, is committed to providing carriers with transformational technology to enable their success. We deliver digital insurance platforms built to move insurance carriers closer to their customers. This can be changed at a later time when individually executing a test case. To create a test cycle, click on the ‘Cycle Summary‘ tab while on the ‘Test Summary‘ page. Expected Result – The expected result after performing the actions for this individual step.

test management tools for jira

Simple enough to use but with plenty of advanced features to make the tool suitable for power users. No apparent support for case version control. Yet smart enough under the bonnet to track the specific edits and executions of a case. You have all the history and traceability your team is likely to need. There’s support for all the standard report types that you’d expect. Reports that cover development of tests, assignment/execution and traceability.

A quick background on Jira

For example, the add-ons create a bit more of a manual process than you would have with a dedicated test case management solution. Additionally, everything you do inside the add-on is limited to the particular project at hand, meaning you can’t put the same issue in multiple projects. After you detail test cases and requirements, you can track the execution results. One method is to create Jira tasks within the bug or story so that they are automatically linked. Add a summary title that starts with Test or another term that identifies it as a test case to development team members.

There are many combinations and ways to organize your tests, you can figure out what works best for your organization. Organizing your tests is a crucial part of your daily testing activities. Since your project may have hundreds or thousands of tests, it is imperative that you organize them efficiently so you can find relevant tests quickly. One of the most powerful features of Xray is its requirements traceability. Meeting your requirements is one of the most important aspects of software testing. Why is it important to have a test management tool?

Once you’ve executed those runs, you can simply push the defect back out to Jira to interact with it and start working on a resolution. In other words, you get the best of both worlds. Zephyr is an additional addition to Jira’s powerful test management tools. It integrates seamlessly with the project cycle, allowing users to create, plan and execute tests in Jira. The Execution Navigator can be used to track the progress of test executions.

The execution side of things is where XRay excels. Create that execution from the plan, pull the execution onto your board and away you go. From the execution you can click on the individual tests and then cycle through each test in turn. Once the plan is in place though you’re in a position to create an execution. What’s nice here is that you can create an execution with tests in a certain status.


There’s also a well specified Rest API. Bit strange that it’s defined with RAML and not Swagger. Swagger being a big part of SmartBear the estate. Having said that ZSC is a fairly recent addition to the SmartBear estate. I don’t expect it to be long before this API definition is swapped from RAML to Swagger. This Rest API has all the methods you’d need if you were integrating into your own automation suite.

Introducing Feature Opt-In, a new way for users to try new or advanced features before they’re available to everyone – PR Web

Introducing Feature Opt-In, a new way for users to try new or advanced features before they’re available to everyone.

Posted: Tue, 01 Nov 2022 15:55:41 GMT [source]

According to Zephyr, it is best used by teams interested in simple testing with occasional reporting needs. It also supports automation and Cucumber integration for behavior-driven development. It includes all features to get started with basic test management, including test cases, execution and reporting. PractiTest is a full test management tool that allows you to manage your manual and automated tests in one tool. It also comes with an additional Jira add-on so you can integrate PractiTest and Jira for software testing. The integration synchronizes your data between both tools and you can map fields between Jira and PractiTest.

Vansah for Jira

Reporting capability performs well and slots in well with Jira dashboards. Once enabled you’re presented with a slightly confusing screen. A screen that shows your existing Jira issue types – with no explanation or instructions. On first sight I’m guessing this is where you select the issue types that QMetry test cases relate to.

How to set up test management in Jira for free

There’s no real concept of creating a report based on a set of report criteria. Again, a simple model, that avoids creating a lot of complexity. Now we come to integration with automation tools. Support for Cucumber, test data management tools comparison Selenium, JUnit, TestNG, SoapUI, UFT, EggPlant, and Tricentis Tosca. Bit strange that TestComplete isn’t listed there seeing as that’s a SmartBear product. I’m sure support for TestComplete isn’t far off though.

Jira + External System Plugins

A simple ctrl+v to paste an image into the execution record. This works well when you’re using your standard screen capture tools. You can also add those attachments at the execution level or the step level if you want to. Unlike Zephyr Scale you can’t add tests from another Jira project.

So to get started, you will need to supply some information and indicate the service level you desire. As with all the tools in this portion of the Jira Integration list, Nitrate is free. Fully integrated with your test automation suites & result reporting. The reports do the job but there’s not a huge range and they aren’t particularly configurable.


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